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The Green Walkabout©

The Green Walkabout©- an experiential sustainability education program – introduces participants to the best practices for green buildings, waste management, landscaping, stormwater, land use, and agriculture found on the campus of Warren Wilson College; and examines the interconnected relationships between these practices and the environmental, social and economic impacts they create.












The Green Walkabout© employs the sustainable practices of Warren Wilson College as teaching tools to educate participants about positive benefits that result when intentional consideration of short term and long term environmental, social and economic impacts drive choices about the built environment, land and water resources, and food systems. The Green Walkabout© demonstrates how sustainable alternatives can balance human and ecosystem needs.  Participants begin the 2-4 hour tour at the College’s LEED-Gold or EB- Platinum certified buildings. From there, participants visit the College’s sustainable farm, organically managed garden, timber operation, and acclaimed recycling center.  This tour immerses participants in practical solutions to pressing challenges, and encourages participants to become sustainability advocates in their communities.

On The Green Walkabout© participants see, hear, and smell best practices on the campus of a nationally recognized “living laboratory of sustainability.”  The primary learning objectives of The Green Walkabout© follow:  to demonstrate how a shift to long-term decision making, that calculates triple bottom line impacts before taking action for the built environment, food systems, land use, and waste management will reduce emissions, improve quality of life, and foster just and resilient communities; to introduce examples of best practices easily replicable in one’s home, business or institution; to encourage identification of participant’s manageable point of entry –switching to CFL’s or improving insulation - so upon return to home or business, participants adopt small steps that engage them in conscious shift in decision making with practices that reap noticeable benefits.


Other Stops On the Green Walkabout©

We invite individuals and groups seeking inspiration to come and learn about sustainable practices at Warren Wilson for everything from energy conservation to farming. Warren Wilson has been recognized by the National Wildlife Federation as being among the top 24 colleges in the nation (of more than 4,200 institutions) with students, faculty and staff working to create a sustainable community.

The Green Walkabout© is a way for us to share our sustainability story.  Each of the following links are sites at Warren Wilson College.  We present this information here with the hope that it will assist others in their decision-making process about future development and management of buildings, land, and community.

Contact Stan Cross at 828.771.3782 or scross@warren-wilson.edu  to arrange a tour. 


Click here for a brochure of the Green Walkabout©