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Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research


We Proudly Present // Volume One

 Auspex (Latin for augur): a diviner and priest of ancient Rome who interprets the flight patterns of birds

The diviners of ancient Rome were highly honored, supernatural messengers of the gods. Augurs, in particular, were consulted on all political and public decisions. Augurs read the flight patterns of the birds in an occult practice called “taking the auspices.” The will of the gods was divined through this medium, which could influence war, public policy, or the selection of a new king. Favorable or unfavorable auspices could invoke either pax deorum (divine peace) or ira deorum (divine wrath) on the Roman people. During the creation of Warren Wilson’s first interdisciplinary journal of undergraduate research, we have spent months observing and interpreting the work of seven undergraduate researchers, Warren Wilson owls, and have only found favorable auspices. (continue . . .)

From our Editoral by Mary Hricik

A few photos from our party //